Mike, Robin, Tim in front of Recruiting StationMy next Summer of Thanks goes to my oldest friend.  Robin and I met went in 5th grade when my family moved from Caribou to Presque Isle.  In those formative years of my life Robin was my constant; he was my friend and the person that I could count on through middle school and high school.  In the picture above, Robin is in the middle and my other childhood friend, Tim Brown, is on the right.  All three of us would go into the military after high school and college; only Robin would to go to college first.

In life it is important to have someone that is there for you in life.  Robin and I would go our separate ways after high school, but over the years we have crossed paths and talked on the phone.  Our conversations are not strained because our friendship has no strains.  We know each other’s life story.

I still count Rob as my oldest friend.