First off, I’m sorry to have been away for so long; I am fighting being sick, my secret affairs that I am having with many doctors in the Indy area eats into my available time, and I’m rewriting lessons I rewrote this summer on the fly.   

I watched Dave Eggers Wish Once Upon a School TED talk after watching the CNN Student News feature on what makes a great teacher.  It struck me how big of a leap it is from good to great.  I have had a lot of success teaching, but I’m not fooling myself into thinking that I’m great.  The difference between good and great is a gulf wider than the Red Sea.  Great requires inspirational life change. 

What is holding me back?   Why do I lack the energy?  It is not like I cannot think of things to do?  It is not like that I could not start a tutoring program for our team.  I have students with educational deficits.  It would not take much to set up a program to help those kids.

How about Exit 4 Tutoring?