Hamer Photos (1)Today’s Summer of Thanks goes to Steve Hamer one of my best friends in the world.  While his friendship is a treasure, it is not the reason for this thank you.  Steve is the person who helped me become handy around the house; he also showed me what being a good neighbor is all about.   “Firefighter” Steve is blessed by a great family that is an important part of Laurel and I’s life here in Fishers.

Over the last 3 days I have been helping another friend put in a laminate floor into his door stairs.  It was Dave’s first attempt at doing this and he was a little inexperienced; it is a major task that involved pulling out carpeting, prepping the floor, stripping bathrooms to include resetting a toilet bowl, laying laminate that would be seamed correctly, running quarter round, and placing transitions.  The job would involved lots of cuts, angles, and challenges; something Dave had never done.

Dave posted this on Instagram last night:


Who Dave needed to include in his thanks is Steve Hamer.  There is no one who has taught me more about doing things around the house.  He was, and still is, patient with me as I learned from him.  However, advice is not what makes Steve special; when I would be working on a big project on our old house in Sunblest there would be that moment when Steve would come around the corner after working all day or on his infrequent day off with his tool belt on ready to help.  When my basement flooded two years ago he was my first call and he immediately diverted himself from a job and came over and helped me get it under control.  He never complained, he just pitched in and somehow made the burden lighter.  I try to return the favor as much as possible, but I know the ledger is far in his favor.  Steve is the neighbor and friend that I try to be to others.  Thank you my friend.  Below is a picture of Steve helping me build a playhouse for my girls many years ago (my friend Scott is blocking him, but those are his legs; Scott is not helping he is just commenting 🙂 about our work).

M - Building the Schoolhouse - 2002