I began the day with the ShiftHappens PowerPoint (updated).  The goal was for my students to understand why I emphasize thinking, problem solving, and cultural literacy.   I also wanted to set the hook a little on why it is important for them to be globally aware.  The PowerPoint went well and I think the kids understood some of the basic ideas. 

The second part of the class was an explanation of the my only class rule…don’t interrupt my groove; of course, this allowed me to show a clip from Emperor’s New Groove…the kids liked it.

The last part of class was to set up the interactive notebook.  This is one of the necessary evils, but my new clicker (which I LOVE) made it a bit more fun.

My master plan included getting to my “Is History Boring” slide show on Cleopatra, but I ran out of time.  So now I have transferred it until tomorrow and will delay starting my geography review until late next week.