Ahh..the first day is nearly here….Wednesday…the most crucial day of the school year…Day 1.    I have already set the hook a little at last Thursday’s schedule pickup.  Many a future student walked over meet me which resulted in the “spin the pencil” trick (someday I’ll post a video) which led to some of the kids getting a first day of school assignment of finding the definition of my favorite vocabulary word, “Akrasia”. 

The Greek word ‘akrasia’ is usually said to translate literally as ‘lack of self-control,’ but it has come to be used as a general term for the phenomenon known as weakness of the will; the disposition to act contrary to one’s own considered judgment about what it is best to do.

On the first day of class these students will be asked to “stand and deliver” the fruits of their research.  This is the tip of the sword that I hope will result in them engaging into my class.  I have tried to make sure there are more than one kid in every class. 

I took and modified an activity from a science teacher from Penn High School that she demonstrated at the Armstrong Retreat.   The idea is for my students move around the classroom and complete some of MY unique classroom tasks (e.g., longitude/latitude ceiling coordinates, filling out their Lamb cards, thinking about the first paragraph of Winnie-the-Pooh, and introducing them to my right-handed rock. Day 1 – Opening Project – Lamb, Rock, Seat, Pooh

This is the plan along with passing out our team’s supply list.

Reality: Okay the supply list never made the conversation.  The lambs got carded, the rock became a tool, they have no idea why Winnie goes “bump, bump, bump”, and a few began to show some thought.  One of the things that make this day tough is all “things” that have to be said in one class, but necessary in all classes.  They are valid things that have to done, but it is hard to have the classes to get the same experience.  I liked the theme music “Hakuna Matata” entrance and the class moving thing worked pretty well.