thankful-heart-a_std_t_nv25 Things That I Am Thankful For

  1. Caitlin; her hard work at college and laughs she brings to the house when she is home.
  2. Ally; her musical talents and her willingness to share music and movies with me.
  3. Laurel; for being my workout and life partner.
  4. Tony Sturgeon; appreciate my educational brother in crime.
  5. Dave Broviak; my writing sounding board and the guy that held me to my basketball goal and made me play in September.
  6. Kevin Stumpf; workout inspiration who has joined me in my goal to getting healthier.
  7. My health; at the end of last school year I changed my diet and started exercising (thanks to Laurel for being my workout partner).  Gone is my high blood pressure, acid reflux, and blood sugar imbalance.
  8. The ability to play basketball again; I set my goal to play again and for 7 of the last 8 Sundays I have played basketball with Broviak’s Sunday bunch.  I love running around and playing again.
  9. Teaching my 7th grade students; their energy is motivating.  I love watching them grow as students and people.
  10. Rachel Smith; she fulfilled the promise that I saw in her years ago.
  11. The New England Patriots; I have loved watching them this season (except the Kansas City game), I appreciate the reign of TB12 and BB
  12. FJH; I love my school and appreciate the staff and students.
  13. HSEHS and FHS We the People teams; Janet Chandler and Liz Paternoster have been generous enough to let my service as a judge for their teams.
  14. Geoff Tease, Robert Dyson, and Taylor Schueth for helping with my junior high We the People team.
  15. My 8th Grade We the People team; the kids have been a real sense of joy for me, they have worked so hard and so want to be great.
  16.; thank you for being able to keep me away for the mall.
  17. The ability to DVR shows; during the school year I am never caught up on my shows.
  18. My Mom; I love that you answer the phone when I call on my many trips to Lowe’s.  I cannot wait to see you on December 16th!
  19. My annual BFM trip; it is fun planning for our next adventure; #BFM2015Boston, #BFM2016GreenBay
  20. The holiday season; it is a great time with family and renewal.
  21. The Northland Street friends; we continue to do life together and celebrate each milestone together; can’t wait to see everyone at the Hamer Christmas Party
  22. Books; I love that there is an endless supply of books that fuel my desire to know more
  23. Social media; thank you for connecting me professionally and allowing me to keep in contact with people from my past.
  24. My truck; every time I need to haul something, I appreciate that I don’t have to find someone to borrow their truck.
  25. My life; my family, friends, and job bring me joy and a purpose.  I am so thankful every day.