Lyn Jones.jpgLyn Jones is a force of nature.  Her energy and perpetual motor inspires me to get off my butt and do something that matters.  She is the reason that I was hired by Anderson University as an adjunct professor, she is one of the reasons for my beliefs in reading and writing, and she IS the reason that I am writing a book about education.  Lyn inspires because Lyn models what a teacher should be; she teaches writing, so she is a writer; she talks about improving the profession, so she does everything to improve the profession; she wants to expand writing, so starts an organization to bring writing to the masses.  She does all this without taking away from her family or individual growth.

During her time as a teacher in Fishers Junior High it was a foregone conclusion that she would be bound for different pastures.  She needed a bigger stage and platform for her message.  She wants to create readers and writers; a lot.  She also wants to send out into the educational world teachers that have a passion of building readers and writers.  Her stage got bigger when she became a literacy coach in our district; I am still bitter she was not our literacy coach, because I wanted to bask in her energy again. Her stage got even bigger when she took a job at Ball State; now she writes, has her own literacy village, she publishes, and she does it with so little time for herself.  She is a must follow blog and has brought a voice to other parents raising a child with special needs.

She is also the person who has pushed me to write.  I both thank and curse her EVERY TIME I write on my book.  Lyn inspires me to be a better teacher, a better professional, and a better parent.

So thank you my friend.