Book - PicturesI have been blessed in my teaching career with terrific students; starting with my student teaching kids at HSE Junior High and Westfield High School, to my kids during summer school at HSE High School, my Anderson students, and my Fishers Junior High students.  I feel blessed because with very few exceptions they have followed where I tried to lead them; some even figured out my real lessons.

I would like to say that I remember every student that I have taught, but that would be a lie.  There is only so much room in my memory.  The kids that I remember clearly are the ones that invested in class; and it REALLY helps if they became Camp Tecumseh counselors.  Brad Jackson used to tell his Camp Tecumseh seniors that while he may forget their names over the years; it is the traditions of excellence that will make the lasting impact.  My room is filled with reminders of my past students and their contributions to my class.

Book - Stars and Hilton FrisbeeI have told the story of how Jason Hilton’s Frisbee came to be screwed into my wall.  All the open house and senior pictures fill one space and provide stories and bragging about kids from the past.  Each of my Students of the Year has a place for their plaque; they become part of my classroom lexicon.  My students find the picture of Emily Bailey and I she calls me “coach”.  My past students are part of me and some still own a piece of my heart.

Book - Student of the Year Plaques

So to all my past students; thank you for bringing me great joy over the past 18 years.