Hendrickson and Lord Mr Hendrickson - Senior YearI don’t think back in time very often (I acknowledge the irony of this given my position as a teacher of history); what is probably more specific is that I don’t think back into my own timeline very often.   When my friend Robin and I were at our 30th reunion and it was a joke between us that I did not remember more than 10 people from high school; I mean, did not remember them at all.  In fact, I can only recall a couple teachers and not many experiences from those years.  The only exceptions to historical blind spot are my two favorite teachers, Mr. Hendrickson and Mr. Lord.

I was nondescript in high school; sliding between the cracks in the linoleum.  Mr. Hendrickson showed an interest in me; he hooked me into rock climbing and camping.  Our small group trip to the coast of Maine to climb was the highlight of my high school years; it made me feel special to belong to something.  I appreciated Mr. Hendrickson’s humor and sarcasm; I seem to have carried both into my own teaching.

Mr. Lord was my Biology teacher and picked me to be a Biology Lap aide; which I loved; but the thing that had a lasting impact on me was the Biology field trip that was so special to generations of Presque Isle High School students.  The joy of outdoor learning instilled by Mr. Lord was a integral part of my becoming involved with our districts Camp Tecumseh program.  I have seen the joy of my own outdoor experience in the faces of so many of our junior high students.  Last summer I was able to stop by and see Mr. Lord, retired and living in Southern Maine.  It was a highlight for me.

So thank you to my high school teachers from so long ago.