Rance DavidsonMy Summer of Thanks goes to a FJH name from 15 years ago.  The Davidson family sent three girls (Rachel, Randa, and Rhea) through our building in the early days of FJH, but the reason he makes my Summer of Thanks is that he taught me how to be a youth coach.  Many years ago our dear neighbor’s, Steve and Diane Hamer, oldest daughter, Stephanie, played softball for Rance.  I went to one of her games and there was Rance coaching at third.  His voice carried all over the field, but it was the tone of his voice.  He only cheered; everything was positive, and he laughed; a lot.  I loved watching him coach, he would have been influential if he limited his cheering to just his team; he did not.  He cheered for both teams; his team more, but both teams none the less.

I coached girls for 10 years and tried to be positive dealing with both my team and the other.

2012 ASA Mountaineer Showdown Team Photo