As a summer project for my NJHS chapter, I have offered a challenge to send 30 thank you notes through social media.  The only instructions that they will receive is to be genuine and specific.  My hope is that they will inspire other people to be thankful and pick up the challenge.  I have made my list (there are 43 names).

My first thank you goes out to my mom.  She is not perfect and was dealt more than her share of tough blows in her life.  However, my mom is the master of what really matters in life.  She has a loving heart.  Her heart extends beyond her family and into her work and friends.  Growing up with a dead beat father was tough and a source of emptiness in my life.  My mom did all she could to fill that hole by giving me more love than what should be possible.  We could always talk to each other.  In my adult life my mom and I have a shared history and memories that does not exist with anyone else.

My mom is a caregiver.  She cared for her mom in her home for over a decade; no complaints.  She has nursed brothers and been the empathetic ear to so very many people.  I have tried to look at my students that have a need for care like my mom would care for them.

Lastly, I am thankful to my mom for giving me a work ethic.  She always worked hard with multiple jobs and finding time to care for our extended family.