I attacked the notion that History is Boring by using my Cleopatra meets TMZ PowerPoint.  The “real” story is one of betrayal, incest, and politics of a major kind.  It hooked the kids.   Win for me.

It was cookie (80), icing (80-10), and sprinkles (80-10-10) time.  Many years ago either Baney, Sturgeon, or I came up with 80, 80-10, and 80-10-10.  First off for the non-Globetrotters, 80 means what 80% of the people do in a project, life, whatever.  80-10 means what the 10% do above the norm.  They are the ones that try to separate themselves by taking the extra step.  The rare air is breathed by the 80-10-10 kids.  They are the ones who are special.   

I love the square watermelon.  It gives me a place to teach students to push beyond what they think is a limitation.  Beautiful to watch their faces after I have set them up so bad. 

Remember Me.  I did not do this justice.  I plan on revisiting this on Monday as I introduce vocabulary.