I’m watching Band of Brothers (again) and I’m struck again by the leadership of Major Dick Winters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Winters).  I think his leadership style translates specifically to what education so desperately needs.  Based on the series and what I read in Stephen Ambrose’s book, these are the traits that made Major Winters such a good leader: (1) he had a clear sense of purpose, (2) he could and would quickly adapt to changes, (3) he put his men in danger, but faced the danger by their side, (4) he got his hands dirty, (5) he always led the frontal assault, (6) he talked to every man on two levels on an officer-to-subordinate and a personal level, (7) he used a dry sense of humor to diffuse tense moments, (8) he could do what he asked his men to do–he was a technician, (9) his presence commanded respect and (10) he was willing to roll the hard six; he did not wait for orders from above, he was willing to trust hisclassrooms where they so need to be every day.  There is no gimmick that is a substitute for walking around.